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Achieving Universal Druggability

Existing drug classes are limited in both reach and applicability, with more than 80% of known human protein disease targets considered “undruggable” because they are beyond the reach of both antibodies and small molecules.

Spun out of Harvard University by pioneering academic scientist and successful biotech company builder Dr. Gregory Verdine, FogPharma’s mission is to drastically reduce the burden of disease on patients and their families by inventing new types of drugs that block abnormal physiological processes in ways previously imagined, but considered impossible.

Through the discovery and development of Helicons™, a novel therapeutic modality, FogPharma aims to address the limitations of existing drug classes and achieve universal druggability – a world where no targets are off-limits to new medicines.

FogPharma is a clinical-stage company led by an experienced team of scientists, R&D executives and company builders with a genuine passion to make a difference for patients through cutting-edge science.

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FogPharma is a fast-growing company looking for extraordinary individuals who share a passion for innovative science and commitment to patients to join our team.

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