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Until everything is druggable.

FogPharma is pioneering a new class of drugs to address the limitations of today’s precision medicines and achieve universal druggability.

Helicon™ Polypeptides:
A New Class of
Precision Medicines

The Fog Approach

FogPharma’s discovery engine integrates cutting-edge technologies that dramatically accelerate the speed and scalability of drug discovery to advance novel Helicon polypeptide therapeutics against important, previously intractable targets across virtually all disease areas.

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Achieving Universal Druggability

Helicon polypeptides combine the targeting strength and specificity of antibodies with the broad tissue distribution, intracellular target engagement and oral dosing optionality of small molecules to address the limitations of today’s precision medicines and reach the most difficult targets.

Our first-in-class programs target the most common yet elusive drivers of cancer.

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Inspired Learners and Collaborative Inventors

We strive to push the boundaries of science by teaching and learning as a team. We relish the opportunity to invent something completely new and make a significant impact for patients.

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Join us on our journey to shape the future of precision medicine.

FogPharma is a fast-growing company looking for extraordinary individuals who share a passion for innovative science to join our team.

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