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Rohin Mhatre, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Operations Officer

Rohin Mhatre is a seasoned professional with a career spanning three decades in the pharmaceutical industry. Most recently, Rohin Mhatre served as the Senior Vice President of Product and Technology Development at Biogen. In this role, he oversaw end-to-end development of products, spanning the entire portfolio and new technology initiatives while driving the company’s progress in an ever-evolving pharmaceutical landscape. At Biogen, Rohin also held the position of Senior Vice Global Engineering, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, and, prior to that, the roles of Vice President of CMC Regulatory Affairs and Vice President of Portfolio Management. Throughout his career, Rohin has gained experience across diverse modalities, encompassing proteins, gene therapy and small molecules. He has also worked on and led the development and launch of over a dozen products. Rohin has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Northeastern University.