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Judy Zdanowicz

Vice President, Quality

Judy Zdanowicz brings over thirty years of experience as a skilled quality professional across a variety of pharmaceutical and biotech settings. Before joining FogPharma, she held the role of Vice President, Corporate and Development Quality at Horizon Therapeutics, which was acquired by Amgen in October 2023, where she spearheaded the implementation of adaptable quality systems tailored to each phase of development and fostered a culture of quality throughout the organization.

Judy’s expertise spans the entire drug development lifecycle, from initial development to commercialization, and a wide range of drug modalities. She has previously held roles at leading biopharma companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals, Dendreon, Gilead Sciences, and Raptor Pharmaceuticals. Judy holds an M.S. in pharmaceutical engineering from the University of Michigan and a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Southern California.