John McGee

VP, De Novo Discovery

Dr. John McGee joined FogPharma in 2016 as a Scientific Co-Founder, and currently serves as Vice President of De Novo Discovery. Dr. McGee brings more than a decade of experience in developing and applying new discovery and optimization technologies for helically constrained (Helicon) peptide therapeutics.

Prior to joining FogPharma, Dr. McGee was a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard University, where he worked in the laboratory of FogPharma CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Greg Verdine. At Harvard, he performed foundational work on both the de novo screening and multiplexing platforms that now form the core of FogPharma’s rapid early discovery engine. These studies also led to the development of the tandem paired-helix Griptide platform, now licensed by FogPharma; Dr. McGee made the key discovery of Griptides that bind a range of active RAS isoforms and oncogenic mutants with picomolar affinity.

Dr. McGee obtained his B.S. degree in chemistry from Stanford University, where he worked in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Kool, and his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Harvard University, where he studied with Dr. Greg Verdine.